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03 February 2010 @ 07:41 pm
If there's anyone who's experienced at cleaning or typesetting who'd like to apply for our group or who would like to help along the releases all the projects we're a part of, which currently include... #000000 -ultra black-, 07-Ghost, Amatsuki, Are you Alice?, di[e]ce, Pandora Hearts, Tenkyuugi, and Vassalord...

Please apply!

We want to be faster and we want to get our releases out quicker, but everyone in our group gets busy at different times. It's hard to be fast when only one or two people are working on everything at once!

As much as I'd love to train people, as well, I simply don't have the time :( I'd suggest looking through all the various scanlation guides on the internet, or even applying for another group that can train you and get quick experience by working with them for awhile before applying here. We do have rather high standards, but they are easy to accomplish if you know what you're doing :) We aren't looking for perfection, after all, just the quality that comes from the time spent paying attention to detail.

If you're super experienced and you can quality check for a final version, we could really use you! We have eight chapters waiting to be giving a final qc before release. We'd also appreciate temporary help or if you can only do one chapter, that is a big help as well.

Thanks for reading, hope to work with you!