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14 March 2009 @ 02:35 pm

Staff positions are currently OPEN.
I need translators and scanners!

If you're interested in joining because you like 07-Ghost or Vassalord (or because you think I'm awesome), please read through below! Find which position you're interested in and then fill out an application and comment to this post. Please be ready to be dedicated and remain in the group for the long haul.

Right now I'm only looking for:

I'm in need of Japanese to English translators for 07-Ghost or Vassalord. I'm looking for someone who is confident in their Japanese and English, preferably with experience in translating manga, but that's not required. I'd expect a translation within a day or two of receiving scans, which means you'd only need to translate about once a month :)

I'm looking for someone to scan 07-Ghost from Zero-Sum and Vassalord from Comic Blade Avarus as soon as the magazines are released. I'd want the pages scanned individually, which means the scanner would have to debind the magazine, carefully rip out the pages, or cut the pages out from the binding. You'd also have to buy the magazines with your own money.

Cleaners, typesetters, or editors
I'm not really looking for cleaners, typesetters, or editors at this time. However, if you're experienced, feel free to apply. I need people who can do these two positions very quickly and efficiently. I'm not looking for someone for these positions who will take a week or two, but a day at most. Provide an example of your work if you're applying--preferably something recent.

To Apply
Fill this out:

Username: (on livejournal, if you have one)
Alias: (what you'd like to be credited as)
Position Applying For:
Example of your work: (if you're applying as a cleaner, typesetter, or editor)
Previous Experience:
Desired Series:
Availability: (do you have any other obligations like school or work? how much time can you spend scanlating?)
Comments: (feel free to tell me why you want to join or why you want to work on the series. Put anything you think I need to know here.)
Contact: (please give me SOME way to contact you that isn't through livejournal.)