m✿gician (asabiesa) wrote in inmeliora,

(002) RustBlaster ✿ 5th Cry

Hello! We're getting one step closer to completing RustBlaster. I'm in the process of finishing the final chapter as well, so hold on tight, guys! I know it's been forever since this project was even started, and it seemed neglected for months, but it's finally receiving the attention it deserves! Wait tight for the last chapter, I promise to get it done ASAP! We're looking for project suggestions as well for when we've finished this :) Tell us what you'd like to see us do here!

Angelic Bless to the Evanescent World

Request download links here.
Thanks to Evenstar and Bellis from X-VK Scans for making this possible :)

So, now looking for some yaoi translators and editors. I would like some people who are willing to translate, clean, and typeset some hard stuff lol You can apply here! Trust me, we've got some really pretty things we'd like to work on :D

Thank you to everyone who offered to help. I'm SO thankful that even one person wanted to help :) let alone the six of you who applied. So say hello to Agate (airai_kun13), Fransyung (fransyung), Nyaako (yangkuang), Remuke (stopping), and Yuki Kumori (yukikumori)!

Next release date ✿ Thursday, March 26!
Tags: !releases, project: rustblaster
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