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06 March 2009 @ 12:04 pm
"in meliora"
in better things

Inmeliora is a modern girl's scanlation group. It's been my personal experience that girls don't just read one genre; girls read a wide variety of genres. From shoujo, to shounen, to yaoi and shounen-ai and josei, girls like to read many different kinds of stories, not just the same thing over and over again. Inmeliora, therefore, doesn't just scanlate one or two genres: we scanlate josei, shoujo, shounen, shounen-ai, and yaoi. We scanlate long and epic stories, stories about vampires, stories about girls, stories about boys, fantasy, adventure, action, supernatural... anything that we like, that you like.

We are a not-for-profit group that translates unlicensed and licensed Japanese manga and doujinshi. All of our scanlations are free and if you're purchasing them, obviously, you're being ripped off. We scanlate because we want to. Basically, we see a series that we like and we want to work on it. Sometimes they're obscure, sometimes they're well known, sometimes there's another group working on it. Our only intent is doing something we like to do for ourselves, and also, of course, to bring attention to all the series that we do.

As for licensed manga... we encourage all readers to purchase Japanese copies of all the series they like, as well as any English copy (or any copy in any language) once it becomes available. However, we don't support how most companies lack quality and speed in their releases. Therefore, even if one of our projects are licensed, we will continue to work on the project until the English publications have caught up. When a new volume has been released in the United States, we will take down our download links and we encourage anyone who is hosting them to do the same. We will not stop working on a series that has been licensed until the company has released as much as we have.

Please keep in mind that some of our releases feature homosexuality. If you are uncomfortable with male x male relationships, we encourage you to not read those series. However, not all of our series feature homosexuality or homosexual themes, so please don't associate one label to all of our projects. Some of the material we scanlate may not be appropriate for all ages or all viewers. We are not responsible for anything that you choose to read. Abide by your local laws that concern downloading and reading such material.

Can we translate your releases into another langage?
If you want to translate our translations into another language, please ask us first. From time to time, we may scanlate into a couple different languages on our own. We expect all foreign-scanlaters to edit the manga on their own, not to just take our scanlations and put their translations on it.

Can we host your releases?
If you want to host our projects, please ask us first. If you are hosting them on livejournal, we just ask that you put our community in the post somewhere and please follow our policies on friends-locking the entries. If you are hosting them off of livejournal for the public, please ask us first. If you are hosting our files for personal use for a rather small audience, we just ask that you give us a little link. Thank you! In all circumstances, do not change any part of our files and leave credit pages in.

Can we upload your projects to Mangafox.com?
If you want to upload our projects on any online manga reading website, go for it. Just make sure you don't take out any credit pages or change any of the files.

I really want to work on this series that you do! Can I help?
If you'd like to join us, view any of our recruitment posts or follow any information on the recruitment ads. Pretty much, just in contact with us from somewhere, and we'll get back to you. We like to have several hands on one project to speed it up, so we generally accept any help we can get. If you're new to translating or editing, although we can teach you how to edit, it may be hard for us to help you translate. So if you're willing to translate for us, please be somewhat confident in your skills.

We were looking to work on a project of yours. Can we do a joint?
If you'd like to do a joint with us, please ask. We're not opposed to doing joints, but in some cases, we just don't want to be slowed down by another group. In proposing a joint with us, we're assuming you have staff that is dedicated and motivated to work hard on the project. However, unlike a lot of groups, we don't mind joints at all. As long as you ask and you have something to offer us, we'll probably say yes.

We were scanlating a project that you started. Can you drop it since we were first?
If we are scanlating a project you were scanlating before us and you want us to drop it because you feel we stole it, please realize that you do not own any part of the series. We took our own resources and scanlated because we wanted to, and that's all there is to it. In most cases, I personally offered to do joints with whatever group was working on the series first. If you were opposd to the joint, but we went ahead and started on it anyway, that really isn't our concern anymore.

I really love this one series! Will you pick it up?
If you have a project you want us to pick up, feel free to make the suggestion in our suggestion post (if we ever have one). We look at everything, but if we can't find raws, or a translator, or an editor, then we just don't have the resources. If you want to suggest something and help out on it, let us know, and I'm sure we can perhaps work something out.

When will you release this project next?
If you want to know when our next release of whatever will be, feel free to ask. Just don't be disappointed if we haven't made progress. We have lives too, thank you. We don't mind being asked this question, just don't yell at us, or we won't want to answer anymore.

Where can I get raws for your projects?
You can get raws for many of our projects or potential projects at cauchemarshoppe</lj>  which is run by one of our cleaners, ellen_grieves . You can also find raws to some of our projects at MangaHelpers.com.

I see that you're taking donations. What does it go to? Where does it go? What good will it do me?
I've started to take donates for inmeliora because I don't have a current income that can support the group. I subscribe to both Comic Blade Avarus and Comic Zero-Sum and each magazine is roughly $10 a month. Paying $20 a month for magazines can be a little steep, especially when you don't have any money to begin with. It's also very nice to have a paid account on livejournal so you guys don't have to be bothered with ads. All donations will only be used for purchasing paid livejournal accounts and magazines: I will not make a profit off of scanlations. I appreciate anything you're willing to give in these tough economic times, and even if I don't get any donations, I won't stop what we're doing.

You have subscriptions to a magazine that I'd like to get a raw chapter from. Will you scan it for me?
As stated above, each magazine is roughly $10 a month. While I will scan chapters by request for my friends, you're getting what I'm paying for ultimately for free, even if it's not technically my property and even if I'm not supposed to make money by distrubting these goods electronically. So, this is the thing: I would appreciate a donation if you request me to scan a chapter. I maintain the right to withold scanning a chapter because you have not donated. Donations are paying for my time, not the product itself. If you are kind enough to donate something to me, I will express my thanks by scanning the chapter you've requested. Just make sure you let me know by email and let me know that you've donated, and what you would like scanned.

How can I contact you directly?
You can comment on any entry and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If it's a private issue that you don't want to be public, you can send me an email at asabiesa @ gmail.com. You can also send private messages to me (the link is located in my profile), or to any of the staff that has an account.